Transversality, experimentation and media contamination seem to have a central part in their practices, and the presented artworks oscillate between the realms of the conceptual, the documentary and the appropriated.

Shifting Focus is a group show of international artists primarily focusing on photography. The participating artists first met in 2012 when taking their Masters Degree in Photography course at the University of the Arts London and at the Royal College of Art in London. Since then, they have remained in close artistic exchange, working actively on the planning of a touring exhibition which will culminate in this first exhibition in the Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin.

The group show provides a deeper insight into their personal positions toward the photographic medium and juxtaposes them. The artists aim to inform of their engagement with the expansion of photography into other materials and conceptual territories in response to new challenges present in the field of photography. This is met with a certain degree of transversality much akin to the changes within painting when encountered with the rise of photography; a conceptual shifting of focus and an intermingling with other disciplines in order to secure its position within the Fine Arts.

Shifting Focus aims to get into an active exchange with Berlin’s artists and art lovers. During the ten days of the exhibition a full programme of lectures, workshops and guided tours will be provided to the audience. The highlight of the programme is the Photobook Market that takes place from 22 to 24 July 2016, introducing the undiscovered and ‚up and coming‘ of the photobooks.


Mariannenplatz 2 10997
Berlin – Germany


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Project Management: Sonja Trabandt +++ Photobook Market: Espen Krukhaug +++ Design: Marcelo Deguchi, Wagner Kreusch +++
Promotion: Ute Klein, Marianne Bjørnmyr, Simone Padelli, Nick Whiltshire, Joachim Fleinert +++ Curation: Sonja Trabandt, Francesca M. Hitzeman, Federica Landi +++ Concept: Francesca M. Hitzeman, Bianca Salvo, Sonja Trabandt, Federica Landi, Joachim Fleinert, Nathalie Joffre +++ Kickstarter Campaign: Nathalie Joffre, Simone Padelli, Sonja Trabandt +++ Workshop Bookings: Bianca Salvo, Sara Moralo +++ Translations: Sonja Trabandt